Recently I was reading an article on finding unnecessary stored files and removing them from your Mac. In the article they mentioned a file removal program that I really like called OmniDiskSweeper from the Omni Group. If you need to recover some space on your Mac HD read on.



OmniDiskSweeper, hereinafter referred to as ODS, is a program along the lines of Whatsizemac (and a few others) that catalog your Mac (or external) HD showing you where all the bloat is located. It is a free application. It does not have as many bells and whistles as similar apps that you have to pay for, but it works quite nicely.

When you first open ODS you are presented with what is called the “Drive Window”. ODS can catalog any drives attached to your machine. In this case I have selected my main Macintosh HD. Once you select the drive just click on the “Sweep” button at the bottom of the window:

ODS goes into the “Sweep” mode checking your HD. While it is doing this the top window bar will say “sizing”:

Click for larger image

You cannot do any removal until it is finished cataloging (sizing) your HD. Just a tip that will save you a lot of grief here. My internal Macintosh HD has a lot of stuff on it. I ended up having to wait about 5 minutes for ODS to finish sizing the drive. Be patient, let it do it’s work. You will know when it is finished because the “sizing” will disappear from the window bar and the folders in the sidebar will stop updating. Here is my drive when it has finished scanning:

Click for larger image

You can see where all the big stuff is right away. From here on you just have to root around in there and find stuff that you no longer need. When you see something that needs to go away you select it and click the “Delete” button in the bottom left corner of the window:

After you click the “Delete” button you will see this message window:

It is important to read that message. If you click “Destroy”, that puppy is gone!! It might be a good idea to mention here, be careful what you are deleting. That goes without saying right? If you are not sure or do not know what the file is either research it online or just leave it.


OmniDiskSweeper is a great little app for cleaning up your Mac. And, it is free which is totally cool. There are apps around that have more bells and whistles, but they cost money. If you are wondering where all the space on your Mac HD as gone, download ODS and check it out.