PDFelement – Part 2

Just wanted to provide a little more information on the excellent Wondershare PDFelements application. As I noted in my previous article, this app is the “jack of all trades” program for handling PDF files. Lets take a look at the three remaining areas of Convert, Create and Combine PDF files


Convert PDF

When you click on the Convert PDF button in PDFelement you are presented with this window:

Click for larger image

Drag in a PDF file, then select what you want format you want to convert into and click the “Convert” button. In this instance I converted a two page PDF into Microsoft Word format. The conversion was fast and very accurate. I opened the finished document in Word and was able to edit whatever I wanted. Also, there is a setting to be able to choose which pages to convert, a nice touch.

Create PDF

The Create area is supposed to be able to create a PDF file from just about any type of file format. Here is what Wondershare says on their website:

If you can open it, you can make it a PDF. Compatible with over 300 formats, including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and image files, the files created by Wondershare PDF Editor are 100% accessible with Adobe Reader, Acrobat, and other PDF readers.

However, I had problems with the Create function. When I clicked on the Create button it gives you a file navigation window. Just navigate to the file in question and it will turn it into a PDF. However, for some reason my version of PDFelement would not allow me to convert any Microsoft Office documents. It would allow me to convert images, but no Office docs, Pages docs or things like that. Definitely a bug in the program. I will be putting in a ticket to the company on this, I don’t get it.

When you do try to convert a file, say a .jpg, it brings it in as if it was a scanned document and asks to OCR it. I think the Create function has some serious issues, hopefully Wondershare will get that fixed sometime soon.

One more thing here. I run Windows 10 in Parallels on my Mac. I installed Wondershare PDFelement on it and tried the “Create” functionality using a Word doc. It did not work. So, this problem is cross platform. Hopefully, it will be fixed soon.

Combine Files

The Combine Files command works as advertised when you are converting PDF’s. It will not let you combine Office docs. However, when I use combine files I almost always am combining PDF’s anyway so no worries here. It allows you to select or drag in the files to be combined. It also allows you to combine files into different sized docs. When you are set just click “Combine” and after naming your new document you end up with this window:

Click for larger image

You can then work on the new document, rearranging pages, etc.


Even despite some bugginess in certain areas PDFelement it is still a great product. I am going to be using it almost exclusively from now.