QRecall File Recovery

I have been using QRecall for my hourly backups for over a month now. It is working great. I have covered how to setup the app and how to tweak some of it’s settings. But, I wanted to go over how to recover (restore) a file from your backup.


Navigating & Restoring

There are different ways to observe your backup in QRecall. I prefer to use a folders motif, YMMV. My hourly backup is called “Hourly Backup”. I am big on originality! Here is the first window I see when I open my backup:

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You just navigate through your files the “Macintosh Way” by double-clicking on them. Double-click on your HD and then drill down through your folders until you find the file or folder you wish to restore. Keep in mind that most often you need to drill down through your “User Folder” (home folder) to get to your documents.

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As you can see the backups by hour and day are listed in the above window area. You just scroll through them to locate the day and time you need (by the way, to navigate back up the file path just click on where you wish to go in the address bar at the bottom of the window).

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To make the backup files show for your date and time double-click on the day and time in question and QRecall shows the files for that time. It indicates it has navigated to that time by shading all the backups that come after that (below that):

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Now just look in the file area below and find the file you wish to “Restore”. In this case I am restoring an image file. Right click on the file or folder and “Restore” the file. It will put it back in it’s original location. You will get this window while restoring:

I have never used the “Recall” function, I just restore the file to it’s original location.

When you are finished restoring your file you want to return the hourly display back to showing everything. That is accomplished by right clicking on the day and time you are on and selecting “Reveal All Layers”. All the hourly backups (layers) will be revealed once again.

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I know the QRecall backup window looks daunting, but once you get a handle on how it works there really is no problem. I have restored a couple of files over the last few weeks and it works like a charm.


If you have moved to QRecall or are thinking about doing so, then perhaps this information on how to find and restore files from your backup will be useful. I never regretted moving to QRecall. It is efficient, reliable and uses way less space than my old Time Machine backups.