Slack Followup

In my previous article on the Slack collaborative team communications app I covered some of the basic features and appearance. Today I want to talk about some of the many Preferences that are available. Slack is a totally configurable app let me tell you.



At the outset I need to say there is no way to cover all the Preferences available in Slack. You just need get the app and dig around in there. FYI I use the Mac and iPad versions and they work very nicely.

So lets dig into Notifications shall we. To get to all these Preferences click on the name of your Team in the upper portion of the sidebar and you get this menu:

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In this case select “Preferences” and you will be taken to this window:

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If you click on the turndown triangle to the right of the window you get these options:

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When I first used Slack I had it set to notify on “All Activity”, but eventually that drove me nuts. So I selected the second choice in the list. As you can see there are other things to choose from like the type of sound it makes, showing a notification in the Mac OS X Notifications app, etc. Plenty of ways to configure things for sure.

Messages & Media

There are even more choices in the Messages & Media area:

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Everything from how things look to how you want to setup your media attachments. Pretty amazing right?! Yes you can send all kinds of media files using Slack. Your imagination is your only limitation. In my use of Slack over the last few months I have received several types of graphic files including screenshots, PDF files and others. Slack’s media capabilities are quite versatile.

Read State Tracking

Slack has a very cool feature called Read State Tracking:

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With this feature you can do all kinds of things in your message timeline like mark a message to come back to, copy a link from a message or even add an Emoji reaction. I use the copy link feature quite a bit. This is just plain thoughtful folks. Slack is a very personable communication medium for sure. They make it easy and fun.

OK, I am not even going to begin to go into the Advanced Options area, there is just too much stuff there. Just create a free account on the Slack website, download and install the app from the App Store and do a bunch of trial and error. That is the only way to see what the full capabilities of this app really are.

One more thing. In keeping with these two articles on Slack I decided to go in and create my own Slack account using the Macessence blog. Not sure I will do anything with it or not, but Macessence does have an account on Slack. It was not too difficult to do, you just have to follow the prompts and a couple of emails to get it done.


If you wanted to go beyond Apple’s Messages app and setup your own collaborative environment, I highly recommend and very powerful and versatile Slack application. It is constantly being updated. They have great support. Just go for it.