Wondershare PDFelement

When I used to work in a corporate enviornment I used Adobe Acrobat Pro to work with and manipulate PDF files. It is a very powerful program, but in my opinion not so easy to use. Several PDF manipulation apps have become available since that time, I have used many of them, but none is as sophisticated and easy to use as PDFelement from Wondershare.


The Layout

I want you to know from the outset this app is too sophisticated to cover in one article. I just wanted to provide an overview to wet your appetite. Needless to say, PDFelement is my go to PDF manipulation app going forward. It can do almost anything you need to do with a PDF document. I don’t know if it is as powerful as current versions of Acrobat Pro or not, but it sure is easier to use.

Here is the opening window when you first bootup PDFelement:

They have divided PDF functions into logical areas. Just click on an area and you are taken into a workspace applicable to that areas functionality. Today we are going to look at the “Edit” area, it is the most sophisticated.



As you can see you can do “Markup” of PDF documents, especially helpful in a work environment where you pass docs back and forth. You can also do “Editing” of the document, nice if you wish to change a few things.

Most of the commands and functions are in the toolbar across the top of the window. But, I wanted to call particular attention to the “Convert” and “OCR” functions, upper right corner. If you wish to convert a document into another format click on the “Convert” button and you get this window:

Click on the format dropdown menu and select one of many more common document formats:

This conversion process works very nicely. If you continue to look up in that right corner there is an “OCR” button as well. This works on documents scanned into PDF format. Typically, the scanned PDF is more of an image. When PDFelement detects a “scanned” PDF it gives you a message at the top of the window:

Here is a heads up. The first time you choose to “OCR” a document which then makes it editable you have to install the “OCR” engine. Just tell it to go ahead. It is a large file and takes a few minutes, but once finished you can “OCR” to your hearts content. Once the “OCR” is done it shows you the same document that is now editable and available for “Markup” and other functions:

If you look to the right hand column of the Editing Window you see a bunch of things that PDFelement can do to your document. These are fairly self-explanatory so I am just going to show you what they look like. Here is the “Rotate Pages” window:

Here is the “Delete Pages” window:

Here is the “Extract Pages” window:

Here is the “Replace Pages” window:

Here is the “Crop Pages” window:

Here is the “Split Document” window:

OK, enough already! I could go on like this for a few more pages. You have to download the app and give it a try. They provide trial usage. There is too much stuff to cover. Keep in mind I am only looking at the “Edit” area here, the other areas Convert, Create and Combine will have to be covered at a later time. I think you can see, however, PDFelement can about do it all when it comes to working with PDF documents. It is very intuitive, easy to use, with tons of features.

Just a heads up here. It is not cheap at $99 for a single user license. I got it on sale for a lot cheaper than that. However, if you have even a semblance of a PDF workflow I highly recommend it. This app pretty much replaces most of my other apps that provide various kinds of PDF manipulation functionality. I won’t be needing them too much in the future. Also, Wondershare makes a Windows version of this app, very helpful for cross-platform workflows.


I highly recommend Wondershare PDFelement. It is an easy to use, sophisticated application for working with PDF documents. You won’t be sorry you bought it and it is only going to get better over time.