AppleMacSoft MP3 Splitter

On occasion I need to work with some MP3 files for an organization. What I usually end up doing is editing out portions of presentations and then compressing the MP3 file to make it smaller for online listening. I have tried several different apps to edit MP3 files, but AppleMacSoft MP3 Splitter is by far the easiest.


The Editing

Keep in mind I am not really doing editing here I am just looking for an easy way to split portions of MP3 files that are considered extraneous material. I have used Quicktime, iSkysoft Video Studio Express and other video apps to edit the MP3’s. They all work, but they really are designed for video, not audio. As a result, the editing is a bit convoluted, a bit awkward. However, when I found AppleMacSoft MP3 Splitter I knew I was home free.

AppleMacSoft MP3 Splitter

I primarily use AppleMacSoft MP3 Splitter (hereinafter referred to as AMS) to edit out extraneous audio from MP3 files. Keep in mind this could include dead space in your audio file. AMS detects dead space in audio files which is a pretty neat feature. Once you locate the dead space you can delete it. Another way to use this is to split an audio file into chapters. AMS spilts MP3, M4A and AAC files.

Here is the main window of AMS when you first open it:

It shows you a timeline and actually has a waveform if you wish to use it. Just drag your MP3 file into the window and you are off and running:

Click on the drop down to select how you want to edit the audio and then click the play button, bottom of the window. You can listen to your audio start to finish or just drag the insert line to wherever you wish. Once you have the insert line where you want you can double-click that location and it presents you with a “Split” function:

If you use the “Split” function AMS saves both parts of your audio file to a location of your choosing:

When I “Split” the above file AMS left the original file alone and saved the two new pieces on the Desktop.

However, if all you wish to do is delete some audio you need to click and drag from the position of the insert line to wherever you wish to delete. Once you do that then click on the “Remove” button and that portion of audio is removed:

If you choose to edit your audio using “Split by Silence” from the dropdown menu then AMS presents this settings dialog:

You can tweak them to your hearts content. I have not used the “Split by Silence” feature too much, but it is a great idea.

AppleMacSoft MP3 Splitter is very intuitive, very easy to use. I am not a audiophile, but I picked it up quite quickly. AMS is totally El Capitan compatible. They suggest all kinds of music editing capabilities on their website, but I pretty much only use it to edit presentations.


I think I have found my goto app for editing my MP3’s. AppleMacSoft MP3 Splitter is easy to use and only costs $9.99. AppleMacSoft MP3 Splitter is only available from the AppleMacSoft website. I highly recommend it if you do any kind of editing of audio files.