iPad Pro True Tone

The more I use my iPad Pro 9.7″ the more I love it. One of the new features available on this model is True Tone color for the iPad’s screen. Most people really like this feature, but some people prefer the iPad screen to stay the same bright white all the time.


What Is True Tone?

True Tone adjusts your iPad screen to the ambient light around you. Here is how Apple describes it:

People love using iPad everywhere. That’s why the new 9.7‑inch iPad Pro has a True Tone display. It uses advanced four-channel ambient light sensors to automatically adapt the color and intensity of the display to match the light in your environment. Which means reading is more natural and comfortable — almost like looking at a sheet of paper.
– via Apple

It works pretty well, adjusting my iPad screen to a more blue, brighter cast during the day and a more room temperature yellow cast during the night hours. I really like it, but some people do not. It is very easy to test it out if you wish.

True Tone On/Off

To turn True Tone on or off first go into Settings (this is a small screenshot of the iPad screen, but hopefully you can still read it):

Once in Settings go to Display & Brightness area:

Here you can turn True Tone on or off. It comes off if I remember correctly. In my opinion you ought to turn it on and try it for a few days to see if you like it. I do, but I know some people just like the standard bright, bluish cast of the iPad screen to stay the same all the time. To each his own I guess.


True Tone is a really cool feature of the new iPad Pro. It just seems to make reading stuff on the iPad more natural. Just one small reason to upgrade to the 9.7″ iPad Pro if you are due for a new iPad.