My iPad Pro 9.7″

Wow!! After using my iPad 3 for about four years I decided it was time to upgrade. The iPad Pro 9.7″ is a major turning point in iPad evolution. It is much more than a incremental upgrade for sure. I just wanted to show you the unboxing and provide a few first impressions:



The iPad Pro came free shipping from Apple in two days. Apple’s packaging is stellar as usual:

The usual minimalist box approach:

And the inside as well of course:

Every item has a little tab on it so you can just pull it out:

Here it is completely removed from the packaging, after some initial setup:


First Impressions

I don’t know where to start; perhaps with a caveat. For iPad Air and Air 2 users some of my comments may seem like, “so?’. But, keep in mind I am coming from a clunky iPad 3, a good machine which I will pass on to someone who can use it. Having said that here are my first impressions of the 9.7” iPad Pro.

1. Thin & Light – It is so thin! I cannot believe how thin and light this iPad Pro is compared to my old iPad. Wow! I am almost afraid to handle it for fear of breaking it somehow. Of course, the new size means a new case and a new Logitech keyboard for travel as well (in due time). I prefer the Logitech keyboards to the Apple ones, they are a little cheaper and just fit over the iPad case perfectly.

2. Fast – This iPad Pro is super fast. I have used it quite a bit with many of my apps and the apps load very quickly. It is all around super responsive. The A9X CPU really rocks.

3. Screen – The screen is much nicer than my old iPad. It is a great deal more vivid color wise, much sharper. And, there is much less glare. All of the above are advertised by Apple of course, but it is accurate advertising. The new True Tone feature is very cool. I have also experimented with Night Shift, but turned it off for now.

4. Touch I.D. – Another nice “touch” on the iPad Pro is Touch I.D. This really is a handy feature, I have gotten used to it on my iPhone 6s. However, it does not have Force Touch. I guess Apple has to differentiate it’s product line somehow.

These are just a few things I was really impressed with. Of course, a newer iPad allows you to use some cool iOS 9 features like split screen. Man is that ever cool. In closing just wanted to mention I got the 128 GB model in Space Gray. The other colors are very elegant, but I prefer the black bezel on the screen. I haven’t gotten Applecare for this baby yet, but I will. It is totally worth it in my opinion. I will be getting a Logitech keyboard for travel when it comes out, but don’t think I will have a need for the Apple Pencil, we’ll see.

Also, I “Restored” from iCloud for the initial setup. It took a while. It also installed a couple of iOS 9 updates. And, I have had to login again to a few services that I use, but that is no big deal. The setup went smoothly, no worries at all.


I am totally jazzed about my 9.7″ iPad Pro. It is totally cool and will be way more useful than my older iPad. I am not sure upgrading from an iPad Air is called for, but if you are running an iPad older than that then I highly recommend the iPad Pro.