Hosting Move Email Setup

This is important!! So, you are moving your websites and Domains to a new hosting service. Do you have domain hosted email on those websites? In other words, are there emails setup for each website, ie If so, then you need to setup the emails again from your new website hosting service!!


Archiving Old Accounts

At least in the Postbox email app it is easier to delete the email account from the old hosting service and then setup the same email account with the new hosting service credentials. But wait!! Before you do this you need to “Archive” your emails from the old hosting service somehow:

Different email apps will do it differently, but if you don’t save your emails from each particular email account they will be deleted when you delete the old account. Yes, they are on IMAP, but those emails are on different servers than you new account. So, you must “Archive” them, delete your old account, create your new account and then put them back into your new account manually to save them. Then they will be uploaded to your IMAP email account on the new hosting service.

New Accounts

At some point, you have to setup the email account on the Domain you are moving on your new hosting service. Once you have the email setup you can go to your email app and add it in with the new credentials. Just a reminder, before doing this you have “Archived” your old emails and then deleted the old email account. Adding an email accoun to different email apps will vary, here it is in Postbox:

Enter your new information for that email account and hit “Continue”. The email program should go out and fetch the information and then setup the account. If you are using Apple Mail YMMV on this part, it does have it’s issues. Once the new account is setup then move your “Archived” emails back into it and your are on your way.


OK, moving websites and domains along with email accounts to a new hosting service is quite involved. It took me about a week to get all my stuff moved over. But, my new hosting service is about ½ the price of the old one with pretty much the same features. I am very pleased. If you decide to do this just know it will take some time (I have about 10 websites and 15 Domain Names). Take your time and do it right.