Hotspot Wi-Fi Nag Screens

There are times when we inadvertently get “nag screens” on our Macs. This usually occurs at startup, wanting us to do something or sign into something. Sometimes this is just malware and can be removed with an excellent program like Malwarebytes, but not always.


Nag Screens

Nag screens can be very annoying. Sometimes we can just click them closed, but often enough they are not closeable. Usually, the non-closeable ones are malware. Case in point, just recently a friend gave me her 2011 MacBook Pro to upgrade the hard drive to a SSD. But, she asked to clean up some stuff while I had it. One of the things she wanted removed was a nag screen from xfinity to login to some network someplace. She has DSL, does not have a cable setup. This nag screen always appeared at bootup time.

At first, I thought this might be malware so I ran Malwarebytes. It found and removed some malware, but did not fix this issue. I decided that this could possibly be a leftover Wi-Fi hotspot or other network setting which was prompting for a login. If you are having a similar issue and you have confirmed it is not malware then go into the Network Pref Pane:

Be sure to select your Wi-Fi network and then click on the “Advanced” button:

You will be taken to the Network Advanced area. The Wi-Fi tab will automatically be selected:

The above screenshot happens to be from my Network Pref Pane on my iMac. My friend had about 30 or more old network connects in her “Advanced” Wi-Fi listing. I found the xfinity listing and deleted it. While I was at it I deleted a bunch of other old connects as well. In the above screenshot, I do not need the “Centurylink1199” setting anymore because I just went to a cable connection. All you have to do to delete one of these entries is select it (or seletct multiple by holding the Shift Key if the items are all next to each other or Command Key for random selection) and then click on the “minus” button there at the bottom of the window. The offending Wi-Fi connection info will be removed:

Once you have removed the offending Wi-Fi setting click “OK”. You will be taken to the main Network Pref Pane screen. Be sure and click “Apply” and you are all done.

After I removed the xfinity Wi-Fi listing I restarted my friends computer. The nag screen was gone!! FYI, even if you are not having this type of problem it is not a bad idea to go into this area on your Mac laptop and remove old Wi-Fi connects that you will no longer be using..


If you are having this type of nag screen problem by all means run an app like Malwarebytes. But, keep in mind, it could just be one of your old Wi-Fi logins asking for attention.