IPad Split Screen

As previously mentioned, I love my new 9.7″ iPad Pro. This is probably old hat for your folks with an iPad Air 2, but I really like the split screen effect. If you are into a multitasking workflow the Split Scteen feature in iOS 9 is very, very handy.


Split Screen

Here is my typical situation. I use my iPad Pro mostly mostly while watching TV in the evening, along with my Apple Bluetooth keyboard. I do different things, but mostly I use Messages for texting and Mail. So, I have a running text and email conversation with my friends and family. It is really cool to be able to have both apps open side by side on the iPad and just monitor them both. All You have to do to activate Split Screen is tap on the right edge of the screen and drag outward. You will see another app in the small window. Just drag it the rest of the way to the center of the screen:

Click for larger image

Once you have the Split Screen fully functional it should look something like this”

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I don’t have any data showing for obvious reasons. Of course you can use any two apps you wish, but these are the two apps that I use most on my iPad Pro, along with Safari that is.

You can change the right side screen to whatever app you wish. If you look at the top of the right side window, just above the word “Mailbox”, you will see a pulldown button. Pull it down and you can scroll through your choice of applications:

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Tap on the app of choice and away you go.


I suppose this is no great revelation to many of you, but to the uninitiated Split Screen view is one great reason to upgrade your iPad to an iPad Air 2 or iPad Pro.