OS X Character Viewer

In my OS X travels I use the Character Viewer occasionally to insert various graphical characters in documents. However, where I use it most is doing blog articles on Macessence, especially the Technical Symbols. There is tons of other stuff in there though, lets check it out.


Character Viewer

You activate the Character Viewer in your System Keyboard Preferences:

While in Keyboard Preferences check the box Show Keyboard, Emoji & Symbol Viewers:

The Emoji & Symbol Viewer appears in your menubar:

When you click on the Character Viewer icon it gives you a dropdown menu. Just choose Emoji and you have the Character Viewer window:

As I said I use the Technical Symbols area the most, but don’t be afraid to explore the other areas. There are tons of symbols in there.

The Character Viewer is very easy to use. Just place your cursor where you want the symbol in your document, go to the character you want and double-click it. The symbol will appear right where you had placed the cursor.


The Character Viewer is no big deal, but OS X has some nice little features like this available to the user. If you have not done so already, check out the Character Viewer for symbols you can use in your workflow.