QRecall & the Application Support Folder

I have been using the excellent QRecall backup program for quite a while now. I really like it, especially it’s versatility in setting up backups. However, the other day I went to find something in the Application Support folder in a QRecall backup and the folder was not present. What?!


Application Support Folder

The Application Support Folder contains all kinds of goodies from your installed applications. Occasionally I go in there to find something and/or replace some part of one of the app’s folders from a backup because some part of the app stopped working on it’s own or I actually broke something myself. If you have never been in the Applications Folder here is what it looks like:

You can see folders for some of my apps. The Application Support Folder is located in your user Library folder (~Library). It is not visible by default in OS X. If you do not have to go into the Application Support Folder then I say don’t bother. Just leave it alone. You can tweak stuff in there and so some tech support, but if you don’t know what you are doing you can cause some damage.


Here is the deal. I wanted to replace something in one of the app folders inside the Application Support Folder as a fix for a problem. When I went to the latest backup in QRecall the Application Support Folder was nowhere to be found!

Click for larger image

What?! I don’t get it. That red circle is where it should be located. Now my QRecall backup is set for an interval of 1 month. I only need it to retrieve things for a short period of time. It is set to back up my whole machine. Granted, the the Application Support Folder is quite large at 35 GB, but why would that matter. I contacted QRecall about this issue. They told me it was probably one of the settings and to go into the Settings area and have a look:

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In the end this was the key to fixing my problem. In so many words the QRecall people told me that there probably was one of the settings that was making the backup miss the Application Support folder. Here is what the Settings area looks like:

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When I initially opened the Settings area the “Items Excluded by Time Machine” box was checked. I remember doing that when I setup my hourly backup in QRecall. So what I did was to list those same items in QRecall itself and then turn off that setting. Now QRecall had no interaction with Time Machine at all. For whatever reason, this fixed my problem. My backup got bigger because the Application Support folder is quite large, but it is now getting backed up!!

By the way the QRecall support people got back to me within 2 hours of my contacting them via email. And, this was on a Sunday!.Their support has always been excellent. QRecall is a great app. It has really been a lifesaver backup solution for me. I continue to highly recommend it to you.


If you do not need to get into the Application Support Folder then don’t. However, if you are a little more advanced in your Mac techiness then it is a good way to troubleshoot some things. If you are backing up your system with Time Machine I am pretty sure it backs up the Application Support Folder, but you might check just in case.