Screen Brightness Micro Adjustments

OK, so we all know how to adjust the brightness and sound levels on our Mac right? Just use the buttons on the top row of the keyboard. But, what if you are not happy with the increment levels that Apple has chosen for you? Then you need to do some “micro” adjusting.



When you tap on the screen brightness buttons you get this window:

The brightness levels go up or down in specific increments. This has been the way the Mac OS handled this for many years. But, if you just want to tweak the brightness a tad then do this. Hold down the Option Key ⌥ and the Shift Key ⇧ while tapping the brightness buttons. Brightness will move at ¼ increments:

If you look closely at the above photo you can see it is only moving at ¼ increments, a very nice touch in my opinion.


You can do the same thing with sound levels. When you tap on the sound button you get this window:

That is the standard sound levels window on the Mac. But, if you hold down on the Option and Shift keys and then tap the sound buttons the levels will also move in ¼ increments:

Not as useful to me as the brightness settings, but if you are an audiophile it might be just the thing for you.

One More Thing

While we are on this topic if you ony hold down the Option Key and tap the brightness key it will take you into the Display Preference Pane for manual adjustments:

And, if you hold down the Option Key and tap on the sound key it brings up the Sound Preference Pane:



So, this is no big deal, just a couple of things you might add to your workflow to make things a little easier and more efficient for you.