Website Hosting Move

I have been using the same website hosting service for years. I have what is called a “Reseller” account which means I can host other peoples sites for money. I do host other people’s sites, but not for money. And of course I host a couple of WordPress blogs including Macessence. Moving all these sites and domain names to another hosting service is involved, but doable. There are three more articles over the next week on this move. I recommend reading them all before proceeding. with your own move.



Before transferring a Domain Name and/or website to another hosting service you need to go onto your current service and set things up. Here is a list of my Domains on my old service:

Your service may list your Domains differently, but somehow you need to click into each Domain and do the following:

Click for larger image

If you have the “Privacy” setting “On” then turn it off. Next, make sure the Domain is “Unlocked”. You cannot move a “Locked” Domain anywhere. I don’t know if you need to turn “Auto Renew” off, but I always do. Then, you need to enter the new “Name Servers” for your new hosting service. It will present a window similar to this one:

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Of course this is presupposing you have your new hosting account ready to go. The new hosting service will provide their “Name Servers” in your new account somewhere. Just enter them in the above fields and save.

Lastly, you need to copy the EPP Key (#5 above) to the clipboard. When you request a Transfer of a Domain to your new service there is a field for entering this EPP Key. It is kind of a security measure. All of your Domains have one so don’t forget to copy it for each one.

Once you have started the transfer of your Domains you can work on moving your websites onto the new hosting service servers. The Domain transfers take 5-7 days to complete, but as long as you have the new hosting service “Name Servers” listed in your old hosting service you should be able to upload a website and have it visible on the new hosting service in a day or less.


Moving your websites and domains to a new hosting service can be a bit daunting, but it is not that difficult if you just do it by the numbers.