WordPress Site Move – Part 2

In a previous article I went over how to archive your WordPress website using the Duplicator Pro plugin. But, that is only one side of the coin. The other side of the coin is putting the archived site up on your new WordPress blog. You will need some type of FTP programI to do this. Lets get started.


Moving the Archive

Before I get into this, I am presupposing you have a new WordPress site already installed in your new hosting service. All the hosting services have a canned WordPress installer as one of their features. Part of the process of setting up WP on the new hosting location is having a MySql database running and ready for the WP install to use (more on that in a bit). If you install WordPress ahead of time it creates that database for you.

Now, you have your “Installer.php” file and “Archive” file on your Mac. The next step is to place them inside the folder containing your new WP install. Yes, Duplicator Pro will do this for you while creating the “Archive”. Instead of downloading the “Archive” to your Desktop you can set it up to login to your other site and place it in their for you, but to me downloading it to the Desktop is just easier, less possibility of things going wrong. So, use your favorite FTP program (there are tons of them on the Mac), login to your new WP install and load the “Installer.php” and “Archive” files up there (the same folder containing all your WP files). Once you are finished with that then it is on to the actual install.

WP Site Install

To begin the install you enter the following in a web browser address window:


Once you hit return you will see this window:

Now, I did not do the right screenshot for this. If you look at the first arrow it is pointing at “Create New Database”. If you did not install WordPress already you would have to use this setting. But, since you did install WP already you already have a MySql database. So, click on the dropdown and choose the next available selection called “Connect and Remove All Data”. You are connecting to the already created database. You will need the name of your already created database which will be entered in the “Database” field. You can get the name of the MySql database from your WP site, it will be listed in there somewhere. Once that is done just put in the “User” and “Password” and click “Run Deployment”.

At this point the installer checks your website to see if it is setup properly for the installation. It gives your a report, here is mine:

You can see that the installer is giving me a warning. I went ahead with the install anyway. Also, look down the photo a bit and you can see the “Archive” file listed. Once everything looks good then click the “Start Deployment” button and away you go:

My install did not take too long,. When it is finished it presents you with the address to your “new” blog. Navigate to it and login to the Admin area. Here is a heads up. When you login to the admin are for the first time Duplicator Pro gives you a warning at the top of the page that there are files leftover from the install that need to be removed. You need to click on that and remove all the files that it lists. I did that without any problems to my WP site.


If you are moving a WordPress website or just need to back it up then I highly recommend Duplicator Standard (Free) or Duplicator Pro (more features, good for large blogs). The app works great and is a big help in navigating through a WordPress move.