Apple Mail Plugins

In the past I have mentioned using the Postbox app for my main email client. However, I have always continued to monitor the Apple Mail app for funtionality and just plain wonkiness. Recently I re-setup some of my accounts in Apple Mail to test it’s stability and try out some plugins!


Apple Mail

Apple Mail is the big kid on the block. It is designed by Apple to work with all of OS X which is a real advantage, when it is working properly. Also, there are several plugins that really enhance the useability and functionality of Apple Mail, I have mentioned some of them before. Having moved all my websites and domains to a new hosting service I thought I would give Apple Mail another try by setting up these accounts. At the same time I wanted to try out an Apple Mail plugin called MailHub by Dervish Software.


So far Mail is behaving pretty well. I have had to make some adjustments which I have covered in previous articles. I have been aware of the MailHub plugin for quite some time, but have never tried it until now. Please keep in mind, MailHub has a ton of settings, there is no way I can cover them all. I just want to mention a few features I have been using. Here is what MailHub looks like after it is installed:

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The MailHub menu is positioned across the top of the Mail window. You can setup a button that toggles it on or off. There are tons of settings in MailHub which can be accessed from the Mail Preferences area, more on those in a later article. Basically, MailHub lets you manipulate, move and archive your email. I am finding it to be extremely versatile, even though I do not get as much email as a lot of other people.

If you click on an email to select it you can do all kinds of things using the buttons in the menu. The particular email selected in the above screenshot was an order for something. If you look to the right side of the MailHub menu I have the “Orders” folder selected in the “On My Mac” area. When I click the button “File Selected” MailHub will put the email in the selected folder. Also, MailHub learns as you go along. It is very capable at picking out various order emails from Amazon and other entities and then displaying the correct folder in which to file them using what it calls auto-suggest intelligent technology. Pretty smart program. By the way, if you click on the drop down arrow you can File Selected, File Thread and File Sender:

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You can do the same thing with the Delete Sender button:

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I love this feature. When I first look at my email in the morning it is a little overwhelming, there is tons of it. I know that I will be getting several emails from the same sender in that batch. If I don’t want to read those particular emails all I have to do is select the first one I come across and click “Delete Sender” and MailHub deletes them all from the same sender!! I love it. Just saves me a lot of time.

MailHub has a “Remind” feature which I have used some. Just select an email and click on the “Remind” button and you are presented with a very sophisticated dialog:

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I cannot begin to go over all the “Remind” possibilities, you can just play with this area to see for yourself. Needless to say, I do use this at times when I need to take followup action on an email for some reason.

One last thing before I go. If you click on that last button in the MailHub menu it drops down a list of locations to file stuff:

So, you can select an email, navigate to a location of choice and then click on “File Selected” and MailHub will move the selected email to that mailbox folder. Over a period of time it learns your choices, very cool. You can also create new filing locations on the fly if you need a new folder for a new category of email.


MailHub does other things, but I just wanted to cover a few of the ones I use the most. At $19 it is a little pricey for a plugin, but if you are an intermediate to heavy email user it is worth it’s weight in gold. I highly recommend it. There is a 30 day free trial to see if it will work for you. I am sure I will have another article soon on the various settings in the app and on a few more things it can do.