Creating Hyperlinks in Email Apps

Look, this is not big deal here. I tend to include quite a few hyperlinks to Internet pages in my emails. Yes, if you are in a hurry you can just paste in the URL which can be quite long at times. Instead of that I create hyperlinked text in the email. It is just a courtesy thing and no big deal really.


Email Hyperlinks

The main reason I create hyperlinks in text of emails is a courtesy to my recipients. Yes, it takes a little longer to do the email. If you are in a hurry, by all means just paste in the hyperlink in the open and run with it. But, if you have a little extra time and you really want someone to click through to see the information on the web then making it easy for them is a good idea. Besides, some hyperlinks can be very unwieldy and they just look down right ugly. So here is how you can create a hyperlink in the three email programs I have on my mac, Postbox, Apple Mail and Airmail.


First things first, select the text you wish to make into a hyperlink. Then in Postbox you click on the hyperlink button in the menu:

It drops down this window. Type in or paste in your hyperlink and click OK:

You have created a hyperlink to a website inside your email:

Most popular email apps make this easy to do, you just have to take the time to do it. Lets look at Apple Mail.

Apple Mail

After you select your text in Apple Mail you can either use the “Add Link” command in the “Edit” menu:

Or you can click on the hyperlink button in the menu area of the email:

Fill in the web link and click OK:

You have created a text hyperlink in your email. How about Airmail anyone? Airmail is a pretty cool email app.


After you select your text then click on the hyperlink button in the menu:

Next, enter your web link and click OK:

You have created a text hyperlink in Airmail:

As you can see the way these email apps allow you to create hyperlinked text is pretty similar. There are other popular email apps out there, I am sure the way they implement this function is very similar.

One more thing. You can create an email link instead of a link to a web page. When the application gives you the drop down window for the URL all you have to do is type in “mailto:” (include the colon, but don’t include the quotes). Then add the email address and hit OK and you have created an email hyperlink.


Like I said, this is not a big deal, but really adds a nice professional touch to your emails. Just a way to make things easy for your recipients and easy is almost always good.