Editing In The Photos App

When Apple released the “New & Improved” Photos app in place of iPhoto many people shunned it, including yours truly. I used it to catalog my photos, but tried editing in other apps like Aftershot Pro, Emulsion, etc. One of the things I need is something called “Presets” where you do all your adjusting to a certain photo in a photo shoot and then save all those adjustments as a “Preset” for quick editing of the other photos.


Photos Editing

However, recently I started doing more editing in the Photos app because certain companies started making plugins for the apps that worked in Photos. Apps like Intensify, Affinity and others. For a while there I almost exclusively used the Intensify plugin to edit RAW photos from my Panasonic FZ 1000. It is a very versatile, well made plugin. But, here is the problem. The workflow of opening your photos in the Photos app and then editing many of them in Intensify is sloooowwwww. It takes forever!! Same with Affinity. So, because of this I started experimenting with the editing features of Photos once again and discovered a fairly decent workflow, at least for my needs anyway.

The Photos app does not have Presets, at least not yet. There is supposed to be an update to the Photos app at the WWDC, we will just have to see about that. But, I did discover something called “Copy Adjustments” in the “Image” menu. While not as good as “Preset” capability, it is quite handy. So, if I open a photo in the Photos app and edit it:

Click for larger image

And then use the “Copy Adjustments” command:

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I can apply those same adjustments to other photos in that photo shoot:

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Obviously, you cannot save these adjustments to other groups of photos, but if you have a bunch of photos taken at about the same time with the same camera and the same lighting, etc., it works pretty well. Then, if you need to do some very special work on a photo you can take the time to use one of the Photos app plugins to edit it with more detail. By the way, that is a photo of Elk in rut season in the Estes Park, Colorado area. It is really neat to see, but you need to keep your distance, know what I mean?

The Photos app does a fairly decent job of editing photos, it has a lot of settings. So, I think I will go back to editing with the Photos app. No, it is no match for Lightroom or other professional editing apps, but I am not a professional photographer and it pretty much meets my needs, especially with the available plugins.


Don’t know about you, but editing with the Photos app is fast and easy, although it is quite a memory hog, that is for sure. At any rate, that is where I will be editing my photos from now on.