Folder Designer

image-8I review lots of applications here, many of which I keep and use, others are just tested and then removed from my Mac. Most of them are very utilitarian, but once in a while I get an app because it is just plain fun. Enter Folder Designer from FIBLAB Software.

Folder Designer

For years Mac users have been customizing the look and feel of the folders on their machines. You can do some of this manually using the Finder, but why bother when you can use a fun app like Folder Designer. For a whopping $2.99 you can do all the designing you wish. You can colorize folders and/or add icons and patterns to folders. Lets start with colorizing folders:


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You need to make sure the design area you are using is “Enabled” first. Then all you do is design a folder the way you wish and click “Apply to Folder”. In this instance I got the color I wanted by clicking on the color swatch. The app opens the OS X Color Picker. I selected the color and clicked “Apply to Folder”. You then navigate to the folder in question and click “Choose”. Folder Designer gives you this message:


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Click “Okay” and you are done. Granted the OS X labeling system is much easier to see because it colorizes the whole row, but just having color folders is not too bad. Here is this folder in OS X “Icon” view:


It is not quite as pronounced in “Column” view, but you can still pick it out.

When you go into the “Icon” and “Pattern” section things really get fun. All you have to do to add a different icon to a folder is “Click to select icon”. The program has a bunch of pre-installed icons or you can add your own custom icon by clicking on “Select Custom Icon”:


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Once you choose the icon then navigate to the appropriate folder and select it:


I changed the icon on the Movies folder. If you recall it has a film strip icon in El Capitan.

I have not used too many custom icons yet, the program has a lot of pre-installed ones to choose from. But, I am sure I will. If you are looking for ways to color code folders for utilitarian purposes or just for fun then Folder Designer is the app to get. And, I think the icons work even better for showing what a folder contains at a glance.


If you think you might have occasion to change the icons and/or colors of some of your folders then I highly recommend Folder Designer. It is an intuitive app to use and just plain fun.