Memory Clean 2

As you may have guessed I am always on the lookout for little one function utilities to keep my Mac running lean and mean. You might say it is a bit of an obsession, but hey I am entitled to a few obsessions OK? Just received an email from the FIPLAB software people about a FREE app called Memory Clean 2.


Memory Clean 2

Let me say at the outset that FIBLAB makes really nice software. I have reviewed a few of their apps lately, I like what they do. You can get Memory Clean 2 FREE from the App Store. It puts an icon in the menubar as most of these type of apps do:

It shows you how much RAM is free at any given time. Lets look at a few settings and I will show you how I use this app. Just click on the “Gear” in the upper right corner and select Preferences:

There is a “General” settings area:

I pretty much just use the Default settings. You can do a bunch of other things in this area, choose your poison. Clicking into the “Advanced” area is much more interesting to me:

I set Memory Clean 2 for “Auto Clean” and the “Threshold Level” to 9800MB (9GB). That is as high as they let you. My iMac has 32GB of RAM, I will probably be resetting the RAM manually long before it gets to this level with the exception of using the Photos app. That app is a RAM hog and it can diminish your free memory very quickly.

If you click on the “Clean” button it does a manual cleaning of cached RAM:

It takes about 1 minute or less depending on how much RAM you have in your machine. When it is finished it shows you the new amount of freed up RAM:

Just a FYI for you here. Up until now I have been measuring all of these little apps against the excellent Cocktail app that has a “Purge Memory” function. If I use Memory Clean 2 and then use Cocktail right behind it, Cocktail does not free up any more RAM. So, Memory Clean 2 is pretty darned efficient. Also, for $4.99 you can “Unlock Extreme” feature which is supposed to free up even more memory, but as far as I am concerned the FREE version does a great job.


If you are looking for an app to keep track of your free RAM then I highly recommend this little app, Memory Clean 2. I will be using this from now on. Give it a try, it is FREE.