My wife does a lot with the local garden club. The other day she received a flyer of an event from a Windoze person. I’ll bet you cannot guess the program the flyer was designed in? Yep, you got it. Microsoft Publisher. No such animal on the Mac that is for sure.


The Conversion

So, I went to my trusty Google and did some searching about how to convert a Microsoft Publisher file to PDF on a Mac. Yes, Microsoft Publisher will export files as a PDF, but some people just don’t get it. When you need to get the word out using a document, convert it to a PDF file. Totally universal format. To my everlasting joy my research yielded several websites that do this type of conversion. Yippee!! I chose, what a handy website. Need to convert one type of document to a PDF, Online2PDF can pretty much handle anything. Here is the initial page load:

Click for larger image

You can click on “Select Files” or just drag your Publisher file onto the button

Click for larger image

Publisher files always have that weird number. When the file is uploaded (there are restrictions on max file size) just click “Convert”. Online2PDF converts the file and then downloads it to wherever your web browser is set to download files. Most of the time that is the “Downloads” folder:

Click for larger image

When all is said and done you end up with a nice PDF rendering of your original Publisher file.

Check out the Online2PDF website while you are there, it can convert lots of other file types. Then, bookmark it. I am sure it will come in handy in the future.


The World Wide Web is amazing. You can find answers for all kinds of computer problems there for sure. Online2PDF is just one of those handy solutions.