Backdoor.MAC.Eleanor Malware

From time to time bad guys send Mac malware out into the wild. Recently a malware app called Backdoor.MAC.Eleanor has been discovered. This malware can fully compromise your system, here is an article on how to check for and disable it. But, there are some easy preventative measures to ward off malware.


An Once of Prevention

It used to be that Macs were completely free of this stuff, but no more. There is bad malware and some viruses out there that can harm your Mac. Apple has some builtin protection called Xprotect that is helpful, but there are a couple of things you can to do ward off this malicious stuff.

First, you can make sure your System Preferences are set for the most effective security for your Mac. Go into System Preferences and then into the Security & Privacy area:

Then, under the General Tab make sure you are only downloading apps from the “Mac App Store and identified developers”:

I guarantee you that people that make malware like Backdoor.MAC.Eleanor are not on the “identified developers” list.

The second thing you can do is get a good virus/malware prevention app like Intego’s VirusBarrier (there are others available as well). The days of not running some type of virus protection software on the Mac are just gone, in the past, no longer valid. So, do yourself a favor and spring for some type of protection software, you won’t regret it.


There is malicious malware and viruses out there to harm your Mac, but with a little preventative maintenance you can guard against most of it with very little effort.