Hide App Store Purchases

As previously mentioned I will be bringing some basic macOS functionality from time to time in my articles. No big deal, but nice little things to know to make your life easier in your day to day Mac workflow. Today lets look at how to hide App Store Purchases.


App Store Purchases

I have a bunch of apps on my iMac that is for sure. Many of them come from the Mac App Store. Occasionally I have to go to the App Store application and search through these purchases to reinstall something or just to see if the app I am using is a third party download or an App Store download. But, when I get there it is just a total pain to find what I want, there is tons of stuff in there!!

Why would you want to hide various purchases in your App Store Purchase area? The idea is to clear out some of the clutter, make the Purchases area more user friendly. Maybe you have installed a bunch of free apps and just want them out of the way. Or, maybe you have installed paid for apps over the years, but you no longer use them. Whatever the reason, it is easy to just “Hide” them. Here is a portion of my App Store Purchase area. It contains an app called Blackmagic which I tried out, but removed from my Mac:

Click for larger image

But, it is still listed in the Purchases area. So, all you have to do folks is Right+Click (or Control+Click) on the listing and choose “Hide Purhcase”:

Click for larger image

When you do that you are presented with this “do you really want to do this?” menu:

Click for larger image

Click on “Hide Purchase” and Bam!!, the app in question is gone!

This is easy to do and will save you time later on when you need to find something in the App Store Purchases area.

But wait, what if you want to “Unhide” some App Store Purchases? I will cover that in my next article.


I have gone through my App Store Purchase area and hidden several apps that I no longer use or that are no longer on my Mac. Try it, I think you will like it.