Mac101 – macOS Sierra Tabbed Finder

In my previous article I mentioned a couple of new items the macOS Sierra Finder Preferences. Today I want to mention the well publicized “Tabbed Finder” window. It is no great mystery since we are used to tabbed windows in Safari and other apps, but still a nice improvement for the macOS Finder.


Tabbed Finder Window

One of the new and improved features of macOS Sierra is the “Tabbed Finder Window”. The first thing you do to get tabs in Sierra Finder is go to the “View” menu and choose “Show Tab Bar”:

Now that you have turned on Tabs, just right click on a folder and select “Open in New Tab”:

You now have a Finder Window containing two tabs:

This really is handy for viewing and interacting with the Finder. As far as I can tell you can have as many tabs as you like, but of course there is a point of diminishing returns somewhere down the line.

By the way, if you wish to move a file or folder from one tab to another you have to drag the file over the header area of the tab which will bring that tab to the front. Then you can navigate to the area within that tab to drop your file.

One more thing here. You can make a tab into a new Finder Window in two ways. You can right+click on the tab header and choose “Move Tab to New Window”:

Or you can just drag it off to the Desktop and it will make a new window, much like Safari’s tabs.

Just a note, anyone using a Finder replacement app like PathFinder, TotalFinder, etc, has had tabbed Finder windows for years. Apple is finally getting to the party here, but better late than never.


The “new” tabbing feature in macOS Sierra is handy. If you are a straight Finder user (you don’t use a Finder replacement app) I think you will appreciate it.