Photos Extension Noiseless CK

As you know I have decided to stay with Apple’s Photos app for my photo cataloging and editing needs. One of the best parts of the current version of photos is you can add editing Extensions that vastly expand the Photos app capabilities. Enter the Extension Noiseless CK from Macphun software.


Noiseless CK

For you photo pros please bare with me here. When you take photos in low light conditions something called “Noise” (small color or light speckles) appears in the photo. Various photo editing apps have a “DeNoise” feature that cleans up the photo, makes it look less grainy, makes it look better. Noiseless CK was designed by Macphun to do just that, and it does it well.

Noiseless CK can be purchased with Macphun’s Creative Kit for $129 or separately as a standalone app for $59.99. Pretty pricey, but I got mine on sale (as I usually do) for $23, a real bargain. As with most of Macphun’s modules, it is a standalone application, but it can be installed as a plugin to Lightroom and other photo editing apps and as an Extension in Apple’s Photos app.

Once it is installed as a Photos Extension you just go into the Editing area to where your Extensions are available. Lets start with this photo to see how this works:

Oh, you are wondering what that is? Those are brewing tanks at theNew Belgium Brewery in Ft. Collins, Colorado. New Belgium is the fifth largest craft brewery in the United States, but I digress. I just decided to use the photo because it is somewhat low light.

In the Editing area click on the “Extensions” icon and choose Noiseless CK:

When you do you will be taken to a screen similar to this one:

“Before” is on the left, “After” is on the right. This is a bit difficult to see, but if you look closely you will see the “Before” is much more grainy than “After”, at least I hope you can see that. “After” looks much smoother, much cleaner. Noiseless is automatically set to display the photo at 200% when you first enter, but you can move that down to lower settings if you wish.

Noiseless comes with a Default Setting called “Light PRO”:

They say on their website that this setting works the best for most photos, but as you can see there are other, stronger settings in the right sidebar to experiment with if you like. However, I have pretty much used the “Light PRO” setting for most of my DeNoising chores so far and it works great.

Once you are finished your DeNoising click “Save” and the photo is saved back into the Photos app. You can undo this process in Photos if you wish. The whole Noiseless CK process is a bit time consuming, but it is worth it for the improvements it makes to low light photos. It works with photos from the iPhone to a DSLR, YMMV depending on the quality of your original photos.


Editing photos in the Apple Photos app is working quite well for me thanks to the excellent Extensions available like Noiseless CK.