UnHide App Store Purchases

In my previous article I talked about hiding purchases in your App Store Purchase area. This is not difficult to do and will assist your interaction with the Purchases area. But, what if you wish to “Unhide” one or some of those hidden items?


The “UnHide” Maneuver

Yes, there is a procedure for “unhiding” hidden App Store Purchases. First, go to the “Store” menu in the App Store application and select View My Account:


I had to block out my Apple ID. When you select that menu item you will have to login to your Apple ID. You will be taken to your account information:

Click for larger image

Please note that the whole center area contained my account information which I blocked out, of course. Once you are in your account click on “Manage” in the “Hidden Items” area and your hidden items will be listed:

Click for larger image

Just click on the “Unhide” button and the app is unhidden. When you are finished click the “Done” button.


Yes, you may need to “UnHide” a hidden app from time to time. It is nice to know you can do it, or undo it as the case may be.