Hanging Web Browser

Have you experienced the Safari or Chrome web browsers hanging at times? I sure have, especially in Safari. A friend of mine came across a possible solution on the Internet that involves the Keychain Access app in El Capitan. If you have had this problem, read on.


Hanging Browsers

Why the current versions of Safari and Chrome hang at times is a mystery to me. I have tried several fixes, but nothing seems to work, until now that is. Of all the places to find a fix for this issue, the Keychain Access app is a total surprise. Why does this fix work? Don’t ask me, but I tried it and it does, YMMV. I would take note of your current Keychain Pref settings before doing this so you can switch back if necessary.

First, go into your Utilities Folder on your Mac and open the Keychain Access application:

Click for larger image

Once you are in there go into the Preferences area under the “Keychain” menu:


Now, click on the “Certificates” Tab:


Under the Online Certificate Status Protocol select “Best Attempt” from the drop down menu. Then, make sure the Certificate Revocation List is set to “Off”


Click out of the Preferences area and quit the Keychain app. It might be a good idea to have your web browsers closed when you do this.

When you are finished changing these settings just open Safari or Chrome and see how it works on your websites. I can tell you that there is a great improvement on my web browsing, that is for sure.

Again, I cannot tell you why this works, but if it works and is not hurting anything else, don’t knock it.


If you are having hanging web browser problems please give this fix a try. It may work for you, but of course YMMV.