iClip – Part 2

In my previous article on the excellent iClip Clipboard Manager I covered many of the basic, everyday features. I want to finish off this review by delving into some of the apps Preferences. There are many settings that enable you to tweak iClip to fit into your workflow.



The iClip app can be setup in all kinds of different ways. Lets just do this by the numbers. When you open the Preferences window the app defaults to Appearance:


1. To change the screen position of iClip just click on one of those little rectangles. As previously described, I prefer mine on the right, but you can place it wherever you are most comfortable. Can’t forget the “Automatically show and hide” button there. I have it checked. You can always force the iClip window to remain open by clicking on the push pin, upper-right corner of the window.

2. The iClip app defaults to round “Skins”, but if you click the drop down, you can make them square. And, you can download more “Skins” if you wish. You can also change the size of the “clip bins”.

3. Then there is Transparency. I have my iClip set to a moderate amount of Transparency, set it to your liking.


The next Preference over is Miscellaneous:


The Miscellaneous area is primarily concerned with various settings within the app like opening automatically at login, auto check for updates, various things to do with clipboard contents, etc. The thing to do in this area is to just try a few of these settings and see what they do.

Hot Keys

I kind of prefer to use the mouse for manipulating apps, but I do use keyboard key combinations at times as well. For you folks that prefer using the keyboard as opposed to the mouse then it’s iClip to the rescue. The Hot Keys area comes with bunches of pre-installed hot key commands:


All you have to do is click on one of the commands that you would like to use or experiment with, then click on “Edit Hot Key”, then type the actual key commands on your keyboard and then click OK like so:


The app assigns that key combination to that function and away you go. I have not used too many of these yet, but I am sure I will use at least some of them over time.

Hot Clicks

What are Hot Clicks? Irradiated Software describes them like this:

Hot Clicks are used to quickly access various clipping functions by clicking or double-clicking its clip bin while holding down optional modifier keys

Here is what that looks like:


I have not used this much, but it does look interesting.


As you can see, iClip is a very sophisticated app. You can set it up to do all kinds of things, whatever works best for you. If you are a moderate to heavy clipboard user I highly recommend getting iClip, you won’t be sorry.