Incoming Mail App Attachments

In a previous article I covered ways to send attachments in the Mail app. Here I just wanted to cover a few things you can do with incoming attachments in the Apple Mail app. There are several different things you can do with attachments besides drag them to your Desktop.


Incoming Attachments

I should point out from the start that this information involves using the Apple Mail app. YMMV may vary with third party mail applications. Using an Apple application provides additional functionality interfacing with other Apple applications, especially the Photos app.

When you open a Mail email window with an attachment it will look something like this:


You will either see the attachment as an icon or it will be fully displayed in your email. If you move your mouse up toward the top menubar this attachment menu appears showing how many attachments there are. If you click on that paperclip icon you get a dropdown:


You can save the attachment or multiple attachments, but the cool thing to me, if it is an image file, you can send it directly to the Photos app! That is a very slick feature.

Now, if you move your mouse down to the actual attachment inside the email and right+click on it you get a more extensive menu with some different choices:


You can save it, send it to the Downloads folder, view in place, etc. But, the feature I like about this menu is you can choose “Open With” and open the image (if that is what it is) into an editing app before saving it:


Of course, if it is a different type of file, perhaps a PDF, you can choose to open it with any PDF readers or editors on your Mac. The same with a Word doc, etc.

Keep in mind, some of the menus you see at the top of these screenshots are for the MailHub Apple Mail plugin, your Mail window may look a little different.


As you can see working with attachments in the Apple Mail app is pretty sophisticated. There are lots of options to choose from to fit your workflow.