Sierra Photos Search

In keeping with my discussion of cool stuff in macOS Sierra I wanted to cover the Search function in the Photos app. Yes, it has always had a Search function, but now it can search for objects in photos. It is pretty cool.


Photos Search

Of you look at the upper right corner of your Photos app window you will find the Search box. You could always search for places like Yosemite,

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Or Disney World,

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You could search for Dates,

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Or People (don’t have any people pictures for privacy reasons). So, what is the big deal? Well, now in Photos in macOS Sierra you can search for objects! Since I am terrible about tagging my photos this is totally cool. Lets look at some examples.

Here I typed in the word “Boat”. It shows you what it is seeing, you can click on what you wish:

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It produced these results:

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These thumbnails are kind of small, but you can see the boat pictures. Now, check this out. When I type in “Raft” if finds these:

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So this new “find object” feature in macOS Sierra Photos is pretty discerning, right? But, hold on a bit, this is still beta, including the Photos app. Sometimes it finds photos that do not match the search criteria, other times it omits photos that should be there. Also, and this is totally subjective, it seems to work better with JPEG’s taken from my iPhone 6s. I have lots of RAW format photos from my Panasonic FZ1000 DSLR. It does find some of those, but it seems to work better with photos with iPhone type of information,YMMV.


Well, what do you think? I think this is a totally cool feature. I assume it will get better as macOS Sierra is developed further and even in upgrades of the OS.