Website SEO Image Alt Tags

The whole SEO (Search Engine Optimization) thing is a big deal in website development. There are tons of settings and things you can do to optimize how a search engine like Google sees and ranks your website. One common SEO trick is to use an Alt Tag (Alternate image name) on your images.

SEO Overview

There are tons and tons of websites on the Internet about SEO practices, how to get more exposure to your websites. You can even pay people to implement SEO on your websites, many commercial sites do this. I must admit to not using good SEO techniques over the years, but I am learning. If you use a third party app like Everweb or Sparkle to do a normal website then there are places in those apps to add things like Keywords, Descriptions and Alt Tags to images. All this stuff helps search engines search and rank your website which makes it easier for people to find your site using Google, Bing or some other search engine. However, if you are doing a WordPress blog like Macessence then you need to use a WordPress SEO plugin like the All In One SEO Pack which I have installed in my WordPress. It is extremely sophisticated and I am just now learning to use it’s myriad of features. It is totally cool let me tell you. When you start using their plugin they send you a PDF file on ways to optimize your blog, one of those ways is using Alt Tags in images.

Alt Tags

Just to clarify before we proceed. Every image you use in your website has a name, usually something esoteric like a number or odd file name. When you assign a new name to that image using an Alt Tag the Alt Tag name is what the search engines see and use when ranking or placing your website. So, Alt Tags are important!

I have known for years that you should use Alt Tags in images, but if you are using bunches of images it can be a real drag to type in an Alt Tag for each image you use on your site. Most website creation software has a way to add Alt Tags to your images, but like I said, it can be a real drag, very time consuming. Here is the Alt Tag area in Everweb:


Here is how it is done in the Sparkle website design app:


You would just select the image and then fill in the Alt Tag information.

As you know I use the Blogo blogging software, it is very sophisticated. It has a whole area to deal with images you place in your blog including using Alt Tags. Here is what that looks like:


When you add an image to a blog post in Blogo it defaults to this image editing window. All you have to do is navigate to the little “i” icon and add the Alt Tag.


Following good SEO practices can really help in getting exposure to your website or blog. I encourage you to use them, especially Alt Tags for images. If you are using WordPress then I highly recommend installing the All In One SEO Pack, it can do it all for you and if you really become a SEO guru you can upgrade to the “Pro” version.