Window Focus

You may have noticed there are a few window focus apps in the Mac App Store. Some applications have this function built in. As far as standalone apps go, I really like how Window Focus by FIBLAB does it. Let’s take a look at their focus app.


Window Focus

The Blogo app that I use to produce Macessence has a focus function. Sometimes the focus function is referred to as distraction-free writing. When it is activated it moves the window you are working in forward and all other windows / apps behind. It then dims out the behind windows leaving your current window bright and clear for working. Here is a screen shot of Blogo in the foreground, the Mail app and a Finder window in the background (you will definitely have to enlarge this image to see the effect):

Click to enlarge image

I really like this feature when I am writing a blog article or working in a specific app for long periods of time. However, if I am flitting around on my Mac, doing lots of different things, then the focus feature can get in the way. So, I just go up to the Window Focus icon in the menubar and disable it:


It is very easy to turn it off and then back on again if you’re going to spend some time working on a writing project or perhaps a photo-editing session. It really does help you to stay focused, keeping all the text, email and other notifications in the background.

There are a few of settings in the Window Focus app in the Preferences area:


You can start the app at Login along with a few other typical things. The setting I like the most is choosing the “Overlay Tint Color” along with it’s opacity. If you don’t like the default black, then maybe a cool blue would work for you.

Window Focus by FIBLAB is a whopping $3.99 in the Mac App Store. It works quite well as do most of the apps from the FIBLAB people.


If you are into focus screen dimming or just wish to try it, then get Window Focus from FIBLAB. Although I will not be using it 24/7, I will use it for working on specific projects. It is a cool little app.