Mac101 – Desktop View Options

Being able to adjust how your macOS Desktop looks has been around since time began. It may not seem like a big deal, but setting up the appearance of your Mac Desktop can improve efficiency. It can make your workflow a much more enjoyable experience.

Desktop View Options

Configuration of the Mac Desktop has always been found in Desktop View Options. Click on your Desktop to select it, then select “Show View Options” from the View Menu (this is in Column View):


This will produce the “Desktop” window with all kinds of settings:


Lets do this by the numbers to make it easier.

1. Icon Size – Here you can adjust your Desktop Icon size. I find that as I get older, my icons seem to get larger. I have seen people with tons of tiny little icons on their Desktop. I could hardly read them. Adjust to your own liking here.

2. Grid Spacing – I really like this feature. I have used Grid Spacing from forever. It really helps keep your Desktop organized. It prevents it from falling into a jumbled mess. You can choose to turn Grid Spacing off, or choose to arrange your Desktop using a different metaphor like Date Kind Size, etc.


I have seen some peoples Desktops that have “None” selected. It really is a jumbled mess. I don’t know how they can find things, sometimes they can’t!!

3. Text Size / Position – Text Size is obvious. You can adjust the size of the label of your Desktop items. I like it a little larger, of course! You can also place the text to the side of the item in contrast to the bottom. I have not seen many people do this, but it is an option.

4. Catch All – I have labeled this section “Catch All”, if you click “Show Item Info” (I don’t use this) it will display the number of items are in a folder, the size of items and other stuff. You can turn on or off “Show icon preview,” I like it on. It helps me determine file types. Finally, you have the “Sort by” menu, which has been previously discussed.


Hey, this is basic stuff. Most Mac users know about Desktop View Options. However, it does not hurt to review some of the macOS settings from time to time. It helps us get the most out of our Macs.