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I am always looking for apps that can improve the efficiency of my daily workflow. Recently, I came across FileAssistant by DoYourData  Software. Basically, FileAssistant keeps a list of files and folders in a window on your Desktop for quick access. I use it for files I am in and out of during the day.


This is a very simple, one-function application that can be purchased for $9.90 from the App Store or DoYourData website. As I said, it is a one function app for launching and manipulating your files and folders. The main window looks like this:


You place your most-used files and folders in the list by clicking the “Add” button and navigating to the file location or by just dragging. The app allows you to do a few things with the files. If you double-click on a file, you are taken to the file location in the Finder: 


Just double-click on the file, and it opens in the appropriate application. If you right-click on a file a menu drops down with choices:  


If “View” is chosen you are given a small preview of the file with an “Open” button for the correct app:


“Open In Folder” does the same thing as double-clicking on a file name:


You can “Sort” the files and folders in different ways:


I prefer to “Sort By Name,” YMMV. File Assistant does a few more things, but that is the gist of it. I am going to use this app for a while to see if it works for me. There are other file launcher apps on the Mac. I like this one because it is very straight forward, easy to use.   

As easy as this app is to use, I am hoping a few things will be added in the future. First, making it a drop-down icon in the menu bar would be convenient. Then you would not need to have the app open on your Desktop. Second, It would be really cool if double-clicking the file actually opened it. Maybe they could include an “Open” command versus a “Find File” command or something like that. Only time will tell. I will continue with the app for now and perhaps have more to report at a later date. 


FileAssistant is a nice little app for managing your files in your daily workflow. You can do a “Free Trial”. It supports macOS 10.6 through Sierra.