Inserting Emoji

I don’t know about you, but I like using Emoji symbols in places besides texts. I use to keep my Special Character menu available in the menu bar. However, my menu bar is becoming rather crowded. So, is there an easier way to activate Emoji’s?



Emoji’s are those cute little symbols we primarily use in our texts. They are easy to activate on an iPhone or iPad. Sometimes I think we forget about them when using our Mac. They are easy to activate and use in the macOS. This example is from El Capitan. If you wish to insert an Emoji ? in a document, go to the Edit Menu and select “Emoji & Symbols”:


That will bring up the Special Characters window. Just click on “Emoji” in the sidebar and all the Emoji will appear at the right:


The Emoji Categories are listed to the immediate right, a nice touch. The actual symbols are to the far right. If you have your mouse cursor in place, just scroll through the Emoji’s until you find the one you want. Double-click it and it appears in your document. In El Capitan you can also activate the Special Characters window using Control ⌃ + Command ⌘ + Spacebar or by using Spotlight.

This not only works for Emoji, but also for other symbols. Activate the Special Characters window, click on the symbol dictionaries in the left hand column to see what they have to offer. They really are quite robust.


It is so easy to activate and use Emoji’s ? in macOS El Capitan. Perhaps this will encourage us to use them more often, for the fun of it!