macOS Sierra Install

Macos sierra installer icon 100670255 largeinstalled macOS Sierra on my iMac over the weekend. I wanted to wait several days from its release for the install to head off any compatibility problems. The install went pretty well, but I have a few overall comments about the process.  

macOS Sierra

The actual download and install took about one hour on my Late 2012 iMac. After the install the iMac restarts, which is pretty normal. Then it takes you through a few screens asking for passwords. However, I wanted to mention a couple of screens that you would see.  

First, is “Store all my Documents and Desktop in iCloud Drive:”


macOS Sierra wants to store all your Documents and Desktop files on your iCloud Drive. If you read my previous article about this topic, I don’t think this is a good idea. Currently, I have about 77GB of space on my iCloud Drive. If I did the “Store Files” thing it would pretty much be used up. So, a caution. When you install Sierra, don’t just click through the screens. Pay attention during the install, you may want to turn off this iCloud Drive storage, at least initially.  

Second, is the “Siri” screen:


To me, this is a no brainer. Siri is one of the premiere new features in macOS Sierra. I have been looking forward to using it. However, if you don’t want to be bothered by it right now, then turn it off.  

Initial Observations

After the install things were quite sluggish. I decided to do a “Safe Boot” to let the OS clear out some caches. As a reminder, you do a “Safe Boot” by holding down the Shift Key ⇧ immediately after hearing the boot chime. You continue to hold it down until you see the progress bar on your screen. You will have to login with your account credentials. Then do a normal Restart. This cleared up a lot of the sluggishness on my Sierra install. It feels pretty snappy now. Faster than El Capitan for sure.

After doing the “Safe Boot”, I updated several apps. I noted that network activity seemed rather slow. Web pages were slow to resolve. After a couple of Restarts, the network seemed to pickup speed. I don’t know why that is, but I am happy.

I don’t have updates to some of my utility programs yet.  I am sure they will be updated by the Developers in short order. Most of my other apps, especially my main workflow apps, operate as usual.

Oh, one more thing. The display on my iMac seems brighter, more contrasty. It is almost as if the color is richer and deeper. I might be imagining things here, but that is the way it looks to me.


I suppose I would say updating to macOS Sierra would be fine at this time. However, as previously mentioned, waiting is OK too. Especially if you have a proprietary app that you need for some specific function. Just wait for those apps to be updated, then go for it.