Sierra Messages New Features


As I work through macOS Sierra I continually discover new features. Some of these features in Messages were mentioned in the Apple Keynote and some were not. I think they will make a nice addition to my texting experience. Let’s take a look to see how they work.  

Rich Links

Rich Links are totally cool. I am constantly sending texts to friends with hyperlinks in them. Have you ever sent a link from an Amazon page? They are about 6 inches long! Here is what a typical hyperlink looks like in a Messages window:

Rich Links1

The recipient can click on that, but it just clutters up your text message for sure. Check out what the other person receives on the other end:

Rich Links2

Is that cool or what! They don’t see all the text, just a nice, clickable, link.

Big Emoji

Next up is Big Emoji. This does not fall under the heading of optimized workflow. It is just a fun thing:

Big Emoji

If you click on an emoji to place it in your message, it starts out very large. If you send it that way, it stays large. If you add text, the emoji becomes it’s regular small size. Big Emoji is just a fun thing to use really. 


Sometimes there is not enough time to reply to a text with a long message. Enter Tapbacks as a reply format. To use a Tapback on someone’s text you have to right-click on their text bubble:  

Tapbacks Send

Then select Tapback from the menu which will project the choices for a quick reply:

Tapbacks Receive

Just click on one and return to what you were doing. Tapbacks are an efficient way to be courteous without spending a lot of time.   


The new and improved macOS Sierra Messages app is excellent. I spend a fair amount of time texting. I am sure I will use these new features.