Clarify Continued

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In my previous article on the excellent Clarify app, I covered the main operating features. Today I want to look at the Preferences and a few more really nice aspects of this application. I am using Clarify for most of my screenshots these days.

Clarify Preferences

The Preferences area of Clarify is divided into three sections. The first Preference area is General:


As you can see there are General Settings and Image Settings in this area. The quality of the image can be set as well. The next Preference section is Share:


Here you can share your Clarify documents with other people. I do not use this section, but it might be handy if you were doing a lot of instruction on Mac stuff with other people directly. The last Preference section is PDF Templates


Clarify really is setup to produce step-by-step instruction material. They even provide PDF templates for your procedures. It is a very nice touch in my opinion.

Other Clarify Features

Clarify has a few other features that might come in handy. One of those is the Step, Image and Media Settings area:


Here you can setup your steps and tweak your images even further. As previously mentioned, this is a very sophisticated app. There is also an Auto Setup window:


Here you can put some of this stuff on auto-pilot. 


There are other features in Clarify, but I just don’t have the space to cover them all. If you do a fair amount of screenshots and/or use screenshots in a teaching workflow, I highly recommend this app! It has a 14 day free trial. You can’t lose by testing it.