Domain Information Database

As you know, I manage several different websites, including two WordPress blogs. Keeping the information for each website can be a bit confusing. For years, I have used a dedicated app called DomainBrain. When DomainBrain stopped working in macOS Sierra, I decided to make my own database using FileMaker Pro.


DomainBrain was a great app. It covered all the bases as far as listing information for various kinds of websites. I have used it for a long time. However, it has not been updated since 2010. When you open it in macOS Sierra it gives an error:


That was my hint to move on to some other type of solution. Here is the deal, theoretically, you could keep this info in a Word or Excel doc. It would not be too fancy, but it is doable. I did look around for another dedicated app for this purpose, but there was not much available. So, I decided to make my own solution using the excellent FileMaker Pro application (I may end up duplicating this in the distinguished Panorama X database app as well).

FileMaker Pro Domains Solution

I just want to start with a caveat. This is a FileMaker solution, not a standalone app. You need FileMaker Pro to make it run. I guess, since I have FileMaker Pro Advanced, I could turn it into a standalone “Runtime” solution which would work on anyone’s Mac without FileMaker, just have to see how that goes.

Here is the main window of this domains solution. It is not complicated by any means:

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I used Tab-Panels to layout the various windows. The first window is the FTP area. Next tab over is the Database section:

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If you do not have a MySql database in your website you will not need the Database section. The next section is Content Management:

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Obviously, this section is for a content management system like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. The information you use to access your content management system online would be kept here.

The next tab is the Hosting Service you are using to house your websites:

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The last section is Notes:

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I put all my catchall stuff in Notes like account email information and other goodies.

Of course, this little domains solution is subject to upgrades and/or changes. One thing I was thinking about doing was adding a calendar to the Notes or perhaps to the Hosting area to track the renewal dates for each domain. I am sure other things may come to mind as well.


If you have a bunch of website domains then you need some type of solution to track the information. There are tons of third party apps out there for stuff on the Mac, but sometimes it is just easier to tailor a your own solution to meet your needs.