Mac101 – Finder Advanced Save Menu

I am sure many of you are already doing this, but for the rest of us, I wanted to take a look at the File Save in the Finder File Menu. There is the simple way and the more efficient advanced way of saving files in the macOS.


Finder Advanced Save Menu

I am going to use an example from the Pages app. When I go to save this file the app presents the basic Save drop down:

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You can click on the “Where” drop down which presents a basic way to navigate to a save location:

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However, there is a better way to do this. Just click on the Advanced Save Dialog icon next to the file name:

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Here you can click on the drop-down top center of the window or use the Finder sidebar to navigate to your save location:

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The Advanced Save Dialog is a much more sophisticated, powerful way to save your documents. There is much more granularity, more detail.


If you are not using the Advanced Save Dialog in your Mac apps, I highly recommend that you do. It is just an easier more efficient way to navigate around in your Finder.