iOS 10 Home Button Press


My wife and I have iOS 10 running on all our iDevices. Today she complained about having to actually “Press” the Home Button to get into her iPhone 5s. I don’t care for that either. If you are in the same boat, here is how you turn off the finger press.

Home Button Press

If you wish to turn off the finger press and set your iOS Device to a finger touch then do the following. Go into the Settings and General:

Douglas s iphone

Then, go into the Accessibility area:

Douglas s iphone

Now, scroll down to the bottom of the Accessibility area to the Home Button Setting:

Douglas s iphone

Once inside the Home Button Setting, just click on Rest Finger to Open:

Douglas s iphoneDouglas s iphone


You are now set to go. Just navigate to your home screen and log out by pressing the power button. Now, login by touching your finger to the Home Button for Touch ID.


I prefer this method for accessing my iOS Devices to having to press my finger on the Home Button. Not a big deal I suppose, but every little nuance makes using your iPhone a better experience.