macOS Sierra Bootable Installer

IMacos sierra installer icon 100670255 largen a previous article I described how to make a bootable USB installer of the El Capitan OS. You do pretty much the same thing to make a macOS Sierra bootable installer. Let’s take a quick look at that.

Installer Creation

Most people would put the installer on a USB Flash drive that is at least 8GB in size. However, since I have a “Tech HD” I just erased the Mavericks OS install partition to use for macOS Sierra. Whatever you use you need to name that volume “Untitled.” The code I am about to give you expects to see the new volume named as “Untitled.” As mentioned in my previous article  you have already downloaded the Sierra Install app into your Applications folder. Once that is done just open the Terminal app in your Utilities folder and enter this code:

sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ –volume /Volumes/Untitled –applicationpath /Applications/Install\ macOS\ –nointeraction &&say Done

It should look something like this:


Hit the “Return” key, insert your Mac’s Account password and let it do the installing. This process can take some time. My Sierra Installer took about 2 minutes. When it is finished it will end with “Done.”

To test the installer restart your Mac and hold down the Option Key ⌥ right after the startup chime. Keep holding it down until you see all your bootable volumes displayed. Choose the new installer and let it run until it gets to the install page. You don’t need to do an install. If the installer gets that far it is good to go for Sierra Installs.

I want to point out one more thing. If you make an OS installer at this point in its release, you have a 1.0 version installer. So, what I do is keep a copy of the latest combo updater of that OS handy. If I use the 1.0 version to install on a Mac, I can then bring it up to date with the combo updater and it is good to go.  


If you have a need for a bootable installer of macOS Sierra go ahead and make one. They are handy for repairing Macs and also for helping friends that don’t have fast networks upgrade their machines.