Maps in the Photos App

The macOS Sierra Photos app has a few new features. One of those is the enhanced ability to interact with the Maps app. I really think it is pretty cool. It is easy to use, here is how it works.

Photos & Maps

There are two ways to interact with the Maps app in Photos. The first way has been around for a while. Just right-click on a photo and select the Get Info menu item:

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You will see the Get Info window showing information on your photo, including a small map of where it was taken:


I have one caveat here. Your camera has to have the GPS/Location feature built in. If you are using a newer iPhone you are good to go. My Panasonic FZ-1000 DSLR does not have this feature. A little disappointing, but it more than makes up for it with other very cool features.

If you double-click on a photo you get a window like this:

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Now, you have to be using a Magic Trackpad to do this (or a Trackpad on your laptop). This photo is not in the editing window yet. Using two fingers, slide the photo up. It shows you an enlarged map of where the photo was taken.

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I just discovered that playing around in the Photos app. It really is kind of cool. Moreover, if you continue sliding up, it reveals the new Memories section, more on that in the future.

If you double-click on the small thumb-nail picture in the center of the map it replaces the photo with a enlarged map:

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I think that is handy. Now, if you click on the “Show Nearby Photos,” Photos shows a number for nearby photos:

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If you double-click the number, Photos shows you all photos taken nearby. Really pretty cool in my humble opinion.


Up until now I have not used the Maps feature in Photos too much. But, having discovered this expanded capability I may be using it more and more.