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Onyx sierra

I just installed the Onyx utility for macOS Sierra. I have used Onyx by Titanium Software to keep my system clean for years. They have a version for each version of the Mac OS. Recently, I was browsing around in Onyx and discovered something that I am sure has been there for the last few versions.

Onyx Utilities

Here is the main window of Onyx:


I usually just run the Maintenance and Cleaning stuff, but while I was browsing around in the new Sierra version today I went into the Utilities area. When I clicked on Applications I got a pleasant surprise. It contained several handy Apple utilities for the macOS. I have done articles on some of these Utilities in the past.

Here is why this is important. In the old days, Apple put many of these utilities in the Utilities Folder or the Applications Folder on your Mac. They were readily available. However, the last few years they have decided to hide them in various parts of the operating system. If you need to use them, they are a pain to find. Most of those utilities are in the Onyx Applications area. You may not use all of them, but I would like to mention a few that might come in handy for you.

Screen Sharing

Let’s look at Screen Sharing first. You may wish to do some Screen Sharing with family and friends at one time or another. If your Mac is set up properly all you have to do is click on the Screen Sharing button in this Onyx window, and you get the Screen Sharing connect:


Just put in the pertinent information and you are on your way.

Network Utility

When I was doing tech support on Macs I used the Network Utility quite frequently, Actually, I still use it from time to time.


You can check all kinds of network stuff with the Network Utility. An important thing to not forget is if someone like an AppleCare person is walking you through a tech support issue on your Mac they may have you access the Network Utility. Now you have an easy way to find it.

Wireless Diagnostics

Wireless Diagnostics is something many of us will use at one time or another. I have done an article on Wireless Diagnostics. When you click on the Wireless Diagnostics button you get the main window:


Once you click Continue, this small app runs you through a diagnostic for your Wireless system.


Onyx is a very versatile Mac utility. It is donationware. I highly recommend it. When you download the version for your macOS, have a look around in the app. I think you will discover all kinds of things that would be useful.