Sierra Permissions

Yes, we all know that we don’t need to run Permissions anymore right? Starting with Yosemite up through macOS Sierra, the operating system is supposed to take care of permissions. So then, why this really weird anomaly?

Tech Drive

After getting my main computers upgraded to macOS Sierra I decided to do the same to my Tech Drive. If you recall my previous articles, I have Mac repair utility apps on a USB Tech Drive running an SSD. It is fast and very handy. So, I booted into my Tech Drive and installed macOS Sierra:


It installed about twice as fast as my iMac. That SSD is speedy let me tell you. After the install I then updated all my repair utility apps on the drive, including Onyx. After updating Onyx, I ran the Permissions repair:


After it was finished, Onyx presented a window listing the Permissions that were repaired. Check out the list:


This list scrolls for several feet! So, what is going on here? This is the same thing that happened when I ran Onyx Permissions immediately after upgrading to El Capitan. I guess I don’t get it. If Sierra and El Capitan are supposed to take care of their own Permissions, then why does Onyx find all this stuff? Maybe Sierra is set up so that it makes the Permissions corrections over a period of time.

I should tell you, that the Permissions repair did not affect my Tech Drive adversely at all. It is running like a top. I wonder if people who do not run Permissions after the Sierra install have any problems because of it.


I know I have written about this before, but I don’t get why this is happening. If you have any ideas don’t be afraid to send them my way.