Boom 2

I have used the Boom volume booster and equalizer on my Macs for a while now. Boom 2 from Global Delight Software is a much refined program than its predecessor. It is much more powerful with many more adjustments for the end user.

Boom 2 Features

I want to say from the outset, I am not an audiophile. Most of my usage of Boom 2 is for podcasts and system audio. I know it gets good reviews for audio files. I just am not much of a music guy. Having said that, let’s take a look some of Boom 2’s features. When you first install Boom 2, it puts a drop-down icon in your menu bar:


This is where you adjust your volume. Make no mistake, Boom 2 definitely boosts the volume on your Mac. It is much more robust sounding, even on my stock iMac speakers.

To get to the settings in Boom 2 you click on those three dots at the bottom of that drop down adjustment slider. The app opens in the Volume/Equalizer window:


There are a couple of things to note here. If you click on the “Controlled Boost” button at the top of the window, Boom 2 adjusts its output to your speakers. How it knows to do that is pretty amazing in itself. You don’t want to blow out your speakers. This is a nice touch.

If you look in the middle of the window, there is a description about the equalizer being preset and calibrated. So, Boom 2 is calibrated at installation. Yes, you can tweak some stuff in the menu at the bottom of the window for your audiophile people. I just use it “right out the box” and it works great for my needs. Also, see that blue “My Mac” symbol to the right of the Equalizer window? If you click on the Mac symbol Boom 2 presents a log list of preset audio adjustments. The list is scrollable:


If you click on the small file symbol it opens a window for you to drag in individual files:


This is pretty cool if you have an mp3, m4a or other audio file that you want to boost the audio.

Boom 2 Settings

Boom 2 has a few settings that you might want to adjust. To get to the Settings click on the gear symbol in the left sidebar:


Of course, you will want to start the app at login. The other settings are default. I left them that way. If you look at the right side of the Settings window you see “Boom Remote.” For you folks that are really into audio this is a pretty nice feature. Global Delight has created a Boom Remote app for iOS that can be used on your iOS device to control your Macs, as long as they are all on the same WiFi network. Here is what the app looks like:


It finds the Mac with Boom 2 on it and gives you an “Allow” window:


After you allow Boom Remote to control your Mac it is registered in the Settings area:


I am not going through all the features in Boom Remote. If you buy Boom 2 for your Mac, the remote iOS app is free. You have nothing to lose by downloading and trying it out.

One more thing. Global Delight also has a Boom 2 app for the iPhone. It seems to be quite sophisticated, but more on that another time.


Boom 2 costs $19.99 on the Mac App Store. It you are into audio in any way I think it is worth it. It is constantly turned on to boost my audio on my iMac. If you are not sure, you can download a free trial to see if it is something that would enhance your computing experience.