Eyes Getting a Little Older?

OK, we all have or will have to admit this at some point. Our eyes are not what they used to be as we get a little older ?. However, with a Mac that is not a big problem. Most Mac displays are high quality. Plus, there are things we can do to up the viewing experience on the display.


Accessibility Preference Pane

I have covered some of this is a previous article, but since interacting with some friends regarding this issue, I thought I would just provide a brief overview reminder. I am not addressing people who are visually impaired here. They are a whole other ball game. I just wanted to reach out to those of us (yes, I am definitely included) whose Mac’s displays are getting a little fuzzy?

The first place I went to improve my viewing experience on my Late 2012 iMac was the Accessibility Pref Pane. If you click on Display in the sidebar of this window you will get these choices:


I have checked the “Increase contrast” button on my machine. This really does help by increasing the overall contrast of your Display. Another thing I did was to increase the cursor size. I have a 27″ iMac. Sometimes the cursor just gets lost! Now, take a look at the “Display Contrast” slider. You can experiment with this if you wish. Let me tell you, it REALLY increases the contrast. It may be just what you need; you can always reset it to “Normal” if it is too much.

Desktop View Options

You can always go into the old standby “Show View Options.” Be sure you click on the Finder Desktop fist. Here you can tweak all kinds of stuff for your Desktop Display:


On my iMac I increased the Icon size and also the Grid spacing. Things are a little easier to read if there is more space between them. I also increased the Text size.


I know this is no big deal, but why suffer with eye strain if at least some of it can be prevented. Give some of these settings a try, they can be helpful.