iOS 10 Announce Calls

I am experimenting with having my iPhone 6s running iOS 10 announce my phone calls. It may prove to be just an annoyance, we shall see. Unfortunately, most of my calls are spam. However, it would be nice to know when an important person is calling me.


Announce Calls

Mostly, I want to use this feature when I am driving around. It may even be helpful at home as well. My iPhone will ring, but I do not know if I should go through the trouble of answering it or just ignore the spam call. Turning on iOS 10’s “Announce Calls” feature is easy. Just go into the Settings area and tap on “Phone”:


That will take you into the “Phone” settings area. Tap on “Announce Calls:”


You will see this screen:


Now, there are options here. I set mine to “Always:”


However, if you are frequently with or around other people this may not work. There are other settings of “Headphones & Car” and “Headphones Only” that might be more appropriate for you. Or, just leave it at the Default Setting of “Never”.


I think having iOS “Announce Calls” will work for me. YMMV regarding your own iPhone situation.