Mac App Store Stuck Download

Apparently, some people are having trouble in the Mac App Store with apps getting stuck during download. I did not think anything of this until today when an update to the Notability app got stuck in “Waiting” mode. Nothing I did would fix this until I did a little research online.


App Store Download Fix

Typically when an app gets stuck during the download process it just sits there saying “waiting.” Restarting the Mac App Store does not seem to work. If you have a problem with an app getting stuck during the download in the Mac App Store, then do the following. Open up the Activity Monitor app (Macintosh

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Click on the “CPU” tab and scroll down to the “store” entries. Select “storedownloadd” (yes, there are 2 “d’s”) and then click the “Kill” button top left corner of the menu bar. This kills (Force Quits) that process.

Now, Quit the Mac App store application and Restart it. You should see “Resume” in place of the “Waiting” which was there previously:

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Click “Resume” and the download should finish installing:

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It is kind of a bummer that this process is needed. The Mac App Store has its share of bugginess that is for sure. For this reason (and a few others) I try to get my apps directly from the Developer.